The world community is facing a large problem. This problem has been growing larger and more quickly every year, and is something that is just going to keep growing until there are no way back from it.  In all the oceans in the world, there has been to consistencies that are going to continue to be there unless we like it or not. The first one is marine animals like fish, turtles, whales and other aquatic animals that thrive under the surface of the sea, the second is plastic. The material we know from our dining equipment to our shopping bags and other everyday objects.

Plastic objects are contaminating the seabed and are injuring and or killing the aquatic animals in the world, animals that are unknowingly eating the ever-growing supply plastic materials in the ocean. The problem is causing endangered species making it a mission for our self to rescue these animals.

  • Reflect the impact the documentary had on you

The documentary “The plastic whale” made an impact on me. Seeing beautiful creatures suffer under our own making is very tragic to witness, and knowing that one whale dying from plastic bags is just the tip of the iceberg is tremendously horrifying. As a person who considers me as someone who cares about our environment, watching our own shorelines covered in plastic waste makes me very sad and makes me think about every time I’ve caught myself of others in littering. This documentary makes me wanna become more aware of how I treat my own surroundings.

  • Do you think it will help the oceans that we put more focus on this problem?  Why/Why not?

Of course, I think by shedding a light on an issue will help the people of the world to react, and so I think it is going to have a positive effect. If you give people something that makes us believe that it is important, I have faith in the human race to make an effort for a better tomorrow.




Guns: Conservative vs Liberal


The view on the gun law in America seen from a liberal point of view is that guns are just «toy weapons of war» and are not a good way to protect yourself. The basis of the second amendment is that if a corrupt government is instated, the people can rise up and fight it. AR (assault rifles) are in the eyes of the liberals are not enough to take down a government with tanks and drones.

After numerous school shootings, parents all over America sympathize with the people who have lost their loved ones and are turning in their firearms to the police which has a gun buy-back program.


The conservatives are making the argument that the media are being unfair and making a war on guns after there has been a shooting where there are been murdered more than three people.

Their opinion on the matter is that it is the users of the weapons and not the weapons themselves that are the problem. They are bounding on the foundation of the fact that gun crimes are up 48% after California became a Gun Free Zone.

Spotlight reivew

The Protagonists in the film “spotlight” are the journalists that strive to reveal the truth concerning the abuse that is inflicted on children of the church, which is applied by the priest of the Catholic church on the Boston area. The antagonist of this film is the Catholic church, that where systematically hiding the fact that priests in their parish where abusing small children by the hundreds, and the people that are trying to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day.

An aspect of the movie that showed me something that I wasn’t aware of, is the fact that the journalist went to great lengths to reveal the truth, such as ringing doorbells to gain information from witnesses and using many sources to prove the fact behind these priests. This made me think about how ordinary people like you and me can make an impact just by telling the truth, and not hiding behind what is safe.

I think the film teaches us about morals and values, and how easy it is for people in power to abuse their use of it. People that sit in positions of power often have the decision to make a good impact on somebody else’s lives. By using this position to abuse young children and making it seem like it doesn’t matter is wrong, and it this is what I take from the movie. If you give someone power and at some point, you can make a mistake, and this mistake can haunt someone for the rest of their lives. I think the film was a good representation of that.


The reluctant fundamentalist

In the assignment that we are given, we are going to tell you about the plot, setting, characters, narrative style and the theme of the book.

In the book, we are getting to know a little bit about the main character, and how he has been living in the last few years. The story begins when the main character “Changez” sits down to talk to a man in a cafe in Lahore. Changez is described briefly and is more and more introduced throughout the book. The book takes place in the time between 2001 and 2007, and the settings are some different places in the world where Changez jumps between the stories and the different locations.

The themes in this book are freedom, different idiologies, love, racism, betrail and the lesson of life. The book is narrated from the perspective of Changez and we get to know all of his thoughts and meanings but at the same time as Changez keeps his cards close to his chest. We get to know about his life from the past as he tells “the American” in his conversation in the cafe. He tells us about 9/11, his girlfriend and about where he went to school and got his degree.



David Cameron speech on multiculturealism

In a speech held by the former Prime Minister of England David Cameron in 2012 at the Munich Security Conference, Cameron talks about the importance of security and prevention of terrorist attacks from foreign and from your own citizens.

Cameron also talks about the difference between Islam and Islamic extremist. It was here he clearly states that the importance of the distinction between the two, is as stated that Islam is known as the religion of peace, and Islamic extremism is a political ideology. As he continued with saying that terrorism isn’t exclusively connected to any ethnic group or religion.

David Cameron also came up with a few solutions for terrorism. His argument was that there are many different reasons that someone wants to make I extreme act, to send a message. And therefore his solution was that we have to make stronger societies and identities at home, and by a ripple effect it will make it possible for immigrants to make our country, theirs. For this reason, he believes in fighting for that his country is going to be a more including society and a more liberal one. He believes that liberalism could help people feel like they actually belong to the society they live in, and that will help them feel proud of saying “Yes I am a Muslim”  or  “Yes I am Hindu” without having any fear. Cameron continues to say that it will take a lot of stamina and persistence, but this is a challenge we can not avoid.

“Non-violent extremists are just as dangerous as violent ones”

In my opinion, there is an argument for an against this accusation. On the one hand, there is a non-violent extremist who shares their thoughts and ideas to all people that are willing to listen, but those nothing about it. What is dangerous about this you ask? The reason this can be so intimidating to the public is that the people who share this kind of ideology wants their message to be heard, and it is the people that are listening to these ideas that can be turned to becoming an extremist. And the people that are becoming violent, can commit terrible acts and kill innocent people to please some God. In the history of the world, no man has ever cut a mans head off and yelled “In the name of nothing”

Gran Torino: Movie poster analysis

In class, we were given an old movie poster of a film called Gran Torino. In the poster, there is an old man with some kind of hunting rifle, with a car which I think is an American muscle car. If I had to make something out of this poster by its symbolism, I would start by seeing the old man as a symbol of stubbornness, and a man set in his ways and the hunting rifle as a symbol of the American constitution 2and amendment which allows any American to carry arms. In the background of the poster, there is a muscle car, which can represent the strength of this man on the picture. the poster is also very dark, were the only bright spot is the man on the front. This can represent a hero, a contrast to the dark (evil).

Hunger crisis in Africa

Because of the increasing human population in the world today, the human race has to develop new methods to sustain the food production, and not only sustain it but increase it by 50% by the year 2050. The land, biodiversity, oceans, forests and other forms of natural capital are being depleted at unprecedented rates. Unless we change the way we grow our food and manage our natural capital, food security, especially for the worlds poorest, will be at risk.

High-level task force on global food and nutrition security 

The dramatic rise in global food prices and the crisis led the UN Chief Executive Board in April 2008 to establish a High-level task force on global food and nutrition security. This task force was composed of 23 key members of the UN system, it is chaired by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  The primary aim of the task force is to promote a response from the international community to the challenge of achieving global food and nutrition security.

Hunger in numbers

The latest available estimates indicate that about 795 million people in the world, ( 1 in 9) were undernourished in 2014-2016. That means that these people were not able to live healthy and active lives. The hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide. Even greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

“The world is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945, says the United Nations humanitarian coordinator, Stephen O’Brien.

All tough the world’s population is a key factor in the food crisis in the world, there are other factors involved. Poverty is an enormous reason behind this hunger issue. People who live in poverty do not have sufficient income to purchase enough food. High rates of poverty are correlated with high rates of hunger because acquiring adequate food provisions requires ample resources, not only financial but social as practical as well.

Environmental and climate changes, such as, desertification, deforestation, and most importantly drought and water shortages, which have increased poverty and hunger by reducing agricultural production and people’s incomes.

To help prevent this crisis, we can donate money to charity organizations who focus on the hunger crisis. Then we can donate food through the aid. We can at least spread awareness, the more who know about this issue, the more who help.